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None can deny the significance of 'assessments as a tool for learning' today. CBSE now greatly emphasises on testing students more frequently, to identify their 'knowledge needs' more often and focus instruction around it. Why spend so much time and effort, when few clicks can do it all? mPAT allows you to use 'sophisticated testing' as an integral part of your teaching methodology. It enables you to conduct 'class-tests' more frequently than ever, without having to worry about the administrative resources. Our state-of-the-art technology lets your teacher build, conduct and conclude a class test within less than an hour's time. (Here, conclusion of a class test points at generating detailed individual performance analysis/reports, and letting the management and parents know the student performance along with their work-ons). Imagine making these achievements regularly, with pinpoint precision/accuracy using 20 times lesser time, effort and money! That is not all. mPAT is a great management tool as it gives you full control over the system with multi-administrator setup. As an 'Administrator/Principal' the system creates full transparency that allows real-time invigilation. Better accountability, better governance and better quality amount to profitable management!

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For 30 or more students, this one hour demo helps your teacher to build/conduct class test; produce multi-dimensional diagnostic reports for every child.