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Never before have we witnessed such a major transformation taking place in our education arena. From 'marks-oriented' approach to 'overall development & performance oriented' system; this revolutionary paradigm is surely taking 'our education' to another level. Gone are the days when 'assessment' was perceived as a tool to measure one's 'learning'. CBSE's introduction of frequent 'formative assessment' for an ongoing improvement has proved that 'assessment' is now being redefined as a 'tool for learning'. While change in mindset has put us on the path towards betterment, we're still far from an ideal mature state. mPAT (Managed Paperless Automated Testing) is a 'world class technology-solution' that can be leveraged to integrate these ever-growing testing needs with your 'teaching & curriculum setup'. The compelling solution is in-line with the prevalent modern technology and caters to all the 'testing, evaluation & reporting' needs in a school. It allows seamless integration with 'school system' through use of an 'existing computer lab' or use of 'android tablets'. It is designed to save schools from administrative burden, endless hours and cost invested in conducting and managing class tests. The schools can also leverage the power of mPAT to conduct tests much more frequently; get instant, structured performance reports that are fit for planning and implementing remedial action. In short, it saves your school a plenty and gives much needed impetus to 'improve learning' with use of sophisticated 'testing and reporting' techniques.

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For 30 or more students, this one hour demo helps your teacher to build/conduct class test; produce multi-dimensional diagnostic reports for every child.