Make feedback a thriving experience, not an emotional trauma!

Despite their good intention, quite often we see kids feeling perplexed due to bleak performance! Detailed individual analysis & proper feedback to every child in a section is a tough ask, after-all. Our solution produces instant & detailed breakdown analysis of every student, who is tested. 'Topic-wise' & 'Question-wise' diagnostic reports for every individual forms a perfect 'constructive-feedback mechanism'. Imagine the teacher investing 80% of 'teaching-time' on feedback and problem remedy. Within the same means, we empower your teachers to manage the entire 'test-cycle' in a very efficient and effective manner. Kids are sensitive! Let us ensure that we build an environment that helps us know about our students better; and make 'remedial learning' a way for each one of them to learn more and thrive. Let us ensure that we save our students from an emotional wreck and use 'logical feedback' to leave each one of them fully involved, interested and excited as a learner!

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For 30 or more students, this one hour demo helps your teacher to build/conduct class test; produce multi-dimensional diagnostic reports for every child.