Let each parent know, what is personalized attention!

Despite the great amount of hard work that you put into learning of every child, it often goes unnoticed by parents. 'Individual diagnostic reports' from mPAT gives your teacher an opportunity to share every individual's detailed performance analysis with the parent. Every child is unique and so are one's 'knowledge needs'. A regular update to parent that reveals their child's strengths & weaknesses at every stage of learning is a big quality assurance. We give you the power to conduct frequent 'assessments' effortlessly; capture and share 'student vitals' with their parents every time. Let the parents know about the 'hard work' that school puts for their child. Let them know how you've personalized your instruction, based on their child's needs. Let them know that there is no other, who understands their child better than you do!

Book a Pilot

To schedule a demo at your school, email us with your 'School Name, Location, Contact Person details' at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +91-120 4293408.


For 30 or more students, this one hour demo helps your teacher to build/conduct class test; produce multi-dimensional diagnostic reports for every child.