Free your teachers from administrative work; focus on remedial teaching!

Our system empowers any teacher to run a full class through an entire 'test cycle' (from building a test to creating personalized reports; and reporting student performance to management & parent) in less than an hours time. statistics reveal that best numbers w.r.t 'teacher:student ratio' at a school section is 1:30. Teachers have to spend multiple hours preparing, conducting and managing class tests. While a conscious effort is made to formulate a fresh test each time, they also carry a legacy of 'evaluation-burden' for extended hours after school. Pressing needs of academic curriculum and regular administrative load for other classes leave little or no time for creating individual diagnostic reports; or plan any remedial action. You can now utilize our 'test management solution' to free your teachers from this administrative load and let them focus on 'real teaching'. mPAT delivers report formats that are highly structured and useful from the perspective of 'remedial teaching'. 'Topic-wise & Question-wise student reports' help teachers clearly identify strong and weak areas of every individual (topic wise). With this level of analysis, teacher gets an in-depth understanding of an individual's 'knowledge needs'. Focussed instruction gets easy to come by.

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To schedule a demo at your school, email us with your 'School Name, Location, Contact Person details' at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +91-120 4293408.


For 30 or more students, this one hour demo helps your teacher to build/conduct class test; produce multi-dimensional diagnostic reports for every child.