Modernize Your Online Assessment

Assessment Systems makes it easier to deliver high-quality online exams with modern psychometrics and security.


Our Specialities

CERT & Licensure Exams

Manage SMEs and item banks; conduct job analysis and standard setting studies; deliver in our secure platform with live remote proctoring, or your own proctors/locations.

Educational Assessment

Improve online testing with 60+ engaging item types, adaptive testing for smarter/shorter tests, item response theory, and more.

Pre-Employment Testing

Rather than prefab, build your own online exams to increase fidelity, expand your applicant pool, make better selection decisions, and improve psychometrics.

Our Top Customers‚Äč

How are we changing the future of online assessment?

Online Testing: Develop & Deliver in Less Time

Develop and deliver online assessments with 60+ item types and options that allow you to configure tests to fit your situation. Defend the integrity of your exams with security options like lockdown browser, IP-Based authentication, passcode access, proctor codes, time/date windows, and remote proctoring (Live, recorded, or AI).

Smarter Exams With Adaptive Testing

Our online assessment software allows you to publish your own adaptive exams using the same algorithms used by industry leaders around the world. Use advanced technologies like item response theory, computerized adaptive testing, and multistage testing. Adaptive and multistage testing have numerous advantages, including shorter tests, increased accuracy, improved security, and enhanced examinee engagement.

Test Development & Automated Analysis

Our experienced and talented team at Assessment Systems will help you develop assessments that align with best practices and international standards in psychometrics (NCCA, ANSI/ISO, AERA/APA/NCME). Our experts work closely with subject matter experts to develop high-quality assessments, from job analysis to standard setting to complex statistical analyses.

Why use our software?

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Deliver with security

Configure security with remote proctoring, lockdown browser, time windows, CAT/LOFT, IP address limits, and more

Increase engagement

Use dozens of tech-enhanced item types and personalized assessments that keep students engaged and assess more deeply


Build better tests

We keep you aligned to best practices, like item review workflow or large-scale marking of open responses

Reduce testing time

Dramatically reduce testing time with computerized adaptive testing and item response theory


Publish quicker

Easy-to-use item banking with FastTest allows your experts to quickly author & review items, then deliver online assessment immediately