Test Delivery: Secure, Scalable, Personalized

Configurable test delivery – paper, online, or proctored – allows you to manage multiple assessment programs on one secure platform, with fully integrated item banking. Powerful, yet flexible

Choose your delivery for each exam


Deliver to 100 examinees or 100,000


Role-based access for staff users. Lockdown browser, unique passcodes, and remote proctoring for examinees.


Tons of delivery options: test sections, time limits, widgets (calculator/ protractor), customized messaging…


Leverage advanced psychometrics you won’t find in other platforms, like item response theory, LOFT, and adaptive testing


We’ve delivered millions of successful tests over the years. This is what we do.

Standard Browser

Deliver tests in standard browser, either unproctored or with your proctors

Lockdown Browser

Lock down the computer while the examinee is taking the test, to prevent screenshots and surfing

Remote Proctor

We integrate with several remote proctoring providers, fitted to your needs

Paper & Pencil

Print to paper, deliver offline, upload results back in for automated scoring and reporting.